• To promote, educate, teach, lecture on – Crime Prevention, Awareness of Crime, Drug & Alcohol abuse, Suicide Intervention, Family breakdown, Emotional support, Victim support, Harm prevention, – Through Schools, Colleges, Universities, Tafe Courses, Youth Centres, Prisons, and Corporate Venues etc.
  • To share about my 22 year old daughter Shirree Ann Turner, her life and her tragic death.
  • To bring awareness of safety to the public at large, in particular teenagers and young adults, and communicate to people about the dangers of living on the edge.
  • To communicate how I am able to forgive Shiree’s killer and to encourage other people to forgive those who have wronged them.”Why did I choose to forgive”? The reason was I did not want to spend the rest of my life being angry, bitter, hateful, and resentful, because that would change my character, personality and emotional wellbeing.
  • Help people recognize the dangers of alcohol and drugs, by bringing them to a turning point in their lives, and to an awareness of a better lifestyle.To provide some guidance to people who are going through tough times, and to help give some direction to parents raising children.


Crossroad Connexions is a charitable organization totally committed to serving the community at large, whose primary aim is to assist teenagers, young adults and people from all walks of life. We are a non-profit organization and rely solely on grants, corporate sponsorship and donations. Anyone who makes a donation to our organization over $100 will receive a free copy of our book “Halfway to Justice”.

Please contact us for speaking engagements appointments and general enquiries.