1. Crossroad Connexions is a testimony that will powerfully influence people and assist them with a greater knowledge and understanding about certain aspects of life.
  2. Our aim is to help people to understand that forgiveness is more powerful than revenge, to take them on a journey that will explain how to do it, it is a very powerful and challenging testimony based on the death of my daughter Shirree Ann Turner.
  3. We create a framework that challenges people to think about their specific lifestyle, and provide some answers that will assist them to be a responsible person in society.
  4. We concentrate and communicate on moral values that we believe assist and prepare young people for some serious social issues they may encounter as they prepare for life ahead of them.
  5. Raising children is one of the most challenging important tasks anyone can ever perform, and in today’s world with widespread family breakdown and pressures that are breaking down the family unit, Quite frankly! many of us need help to deal with the threat to our children’s safety and well-being! That’s where we believe we can help.

The testimony is not a fear factor, but an awareness factor that will impact the heart and mind of any person who hears it, basically the testimony starts off by reading some passages of a book we have written its called “Half way to Justice” published by New Holland in Sydney, then in a power point presentation we play a song – video clip called “My Little Girl” it’s a tribute to Shirree and it recalls her life from when she was a little girl up until the time she died, then we go through a series of newspaper clippings on some major points about what happened to Shirree, we also cover the criminal and civil trials similar to the O.J. Simpson case in America, followed by a question and answer time. Also at all times we are extremely sensitive to the needs of anyone who attends the seminars.

Nigel Hunt: Advertiser 26th Feb 05

Ken Turner is determined to ensure his daughter’s death was not in vain.

He believes young people can learn valuable lessons from her murder. So Mr Turner is conducting testimonials about the murder of his daughter Shirree, 22 to ensure young people are aware of the dangers they face.

So far he has presented the testimonial to six church and youth groups, hoping his audiences will learn from mistakes Shirree made on the night she was killed.

“It is simply aimed at what I call” – the awareness factor,” Mr Turner said yesterday.

“Shirree made mistakes that may have contributed to her death. She got separated from her friends, she had a few champagnes and she obviously left Hindley St with someone she should not have.

“If we can get through to young people that they need to avoid these mistakes, then they will be a lot safer and avoid the same situation Shirree found herself in.”

Shirree Turner was fatally stabbed at Oaklands Park reserve in the early hours of Sunday, June 6, 1993. She was last seen by two girlfriends at a Hindley St tavern about 10.30 the night before.

In October 1995, police charged convicted sex offender Frank Mercuri with her murder, but he was subsequently acquitted. Mr Turner then launched civil action against Mercuri for wrongful death, but this was abandoned. Mr Turner, who last month married long-time friend Jenny, said the testimonial did not preach “doom and gloom” or advise young people not to go to places such as Hindley St alone.

It involved the playing of a song and video clip about Shirree’s life, a collage of photographs and newspaper clippings and commentary.

“I don’t think there is one woman who cannot relate to what Shirree did that night…. But at least they are aware of what can happen if they make the wrong choices. Nor did it highlight the failings of the legal system. Mr Turner has done this in a book he and cousin Lesley Turner, have written about the case-Halfway to justice.

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